Chapter 13

Tristan's words were no joke to Clarice. Because Clarice did make a mistake for him, she didn't tell Tristan about Joshua and her university reunion which even had Joshua in it. Somehow Clarice didn't want to tell him and that was what made her feel guilty.

"Why are you silent? Did you make a mistake?" asked Tristan who noticed Clarice's silence.

Clarice was taken aback. She shook her head quickly, not wanting to create a suspicion that would make her feel even more guilty.

"N–no. I–I just miss Joel," Clarice replied, softly.

Tristan sighed. Whenever Clarice discussed and mentioned Joel, it made him feel even more jealous and resentful. He knew there was no point in feeling that way when he knew the person she longed for was dead. But it still meant that Clarice still had Joel in her heart.

The reason Clarice always used Joel's name was to avoid any suspicion. Because it proved to be true when she saw Tristan's expression when she mentioned Joel's name, he changed. He seemed

Oh, crap! this will frustrate her even more!

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