A Forbidden Cursed Bond ( Sequel to A Sacred Bond)
A Forbidden Cursed Bond ( Sequel to A Sacred Bond)
Author: Butterflydiva23


“I cannot believe tonight is the night that we will become alpha right along with Jordan, and his wolf,” my wolf Blossom said.

“I know it’s like a dream coming true, especially all the hard work we endure”

“Let me tell you this Nilayah, you are going to be a good Alpha. I can see it. "

“Thank you, Blossom, I don’t know what I would do without you”

“Same here,”

“Nilayah” I hear my mother call me through mind link.

“Yes mom,”

“Are you ready? The ceremony is about to begin. "

“Just about, I just have to put my dress and shoes on,”

“Ok hurry, you know how your dad is about time”

“Trust me mom, I know, “I chuckle, cutting the link.

I walked over to my bed where my dress was laid, I reach for it and place it on. When I was fully dressed, I look over to my full-length mirror. I could not believe, as I stare into the mirror, I was wearing a baby blue mermaid dress with a sweetheart line with clear sequin on top. What I love most about it is that it that it hugged my thick curves. It was long that it touches the ground. I wore three-inch silver stiletto heels. I did my long hair in a butterfly braid hanging down. I wore diamond earrings with a matching necklace. My makeup was light flawless with red lipstick.

There was a knock on the door that brought me out of my thoughts “Come in” The door opens my mother appear.

“Don’t you look good, Nilayah? I cannot believe my baby is all grown up”

“I know mom, it just seems that everything went by so fast. Now Jordan and me are about becoming Alphas. "

“I know I waited for this day to see you two become alphas. You both work real hard, you both made me and your father proud. "

“Thanks mom” I said we embrace each other. I could hear Blossom whimpering too. Once we broke the hug, we headed out of my room.

 We all gather outside; the party was excellent. I mingle with so many people. I greeted my parent’s long-time friends, that are in higher ranks. I was dancing with one member when the music stops. That got everyone's attention. We all looked on stage. There stood my father with a mic in his hand.

“Made I have everyone's attention. Tonight, is a special night. one I will step down as Alpha, and two, I will pass the title down. All I can say is that I’m proud. As you all know that your next Alpha works real hard, will do good”

“ Nilayah, why did father say Alpha instead of Alphas?”

“I don’t know Blossom; he probably made a mistake”

“I don’t think so Nilayah, something is not right. I have a feel- “

Before Blossom could finish her sentence, my dad spoke again, “I present to you all your new Alpha, my son Jordan”

The crowd cheer, as they howl with excitement while Jordan was taking in all the glory I was feeling hurt, I stood there watching everything from the pledge, the cutting of the hands as they shake, and last my father passing the Alpha power down to Jordan sealing the deal. My brother is now the Alpha. When my father introduces Jordan as the new Alpha, everyone bowed accept me.

My father took notice, and was staring at me confuse, I show him the anger I was feeling. I stare into the man's eyes without even blinking. I don’t know how long we stood like that. I could feel my mother coming through the mind link.

“ Nilayah”

“Yes mother”

“I need you to stand down”

“Why mother?”

“Because I can feel both you and your father wolf about to battle, and that is not good, especially right now”

“Why does it matter? You saw what he did, Mom?”

“I know you are upset baby, and you have every right. please Nilayah I don’t want. bloodshed do it for me,”

I nodded, and look away I turn walking out the pack house I shifted ran into the forest, I let Blossom took over until I slip into darkness.

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