Chapter 31

The next day.

When Yuri came downstairs with her canvas bag, Zenne Ye happened to be telling Bright Ye about yesterday's forum.

Mary Ye seems to have seen a ghost. Her eyes are staring at Zenne Ye, warning him.

But the latter seem that he did not see anything, saying he also opened the screenshot, and showed it to Bright Ye.

Mary Ye was so angry that the expression on her face was rich,she was both angry and pretending to be pathetic.

Bright Ye looked, his face as black as the bottom of the pot, "Mary Ye , how can you do such a thing?"

He served the reporters well last night because he appologize and accompanied them to drink, so that they would not post yesterday's news.

When he came back at three in the morning, she found out that old lady Ye was stunned and fainted when heard that Yuri cheated, and he rushed to the hospital to watch the night.

After a sleepless night, Perly Chene went to the hospital to replace him.

When he got home, he was told that Mary Ye was still fan
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