Chapter 43

At the emperor hotel.

"Sorry, you don't have the right to check the surveillance video of the hotel." The receptionist said.

"Last night, I was injured in your hotel. Your hotel is responsible for it. You must cooperate with me to get the surveillance video of last night. I want to find the murderer who framed me."

Mary Ye took off her sunglasses and said arrogantly, "I'm the fiancee of the master of the Gu family. If you don't cooperate with me, I'll report you!"

She mentioned the Gu family on purpose because she thought that although the emperor group was famous, it would not dare to offend the Gu family easily.

However, the receptionist still kept her professional smile and said:

"Miss Ye , if you are not afraid that the surveillance video of last night will be exposed to the public, you can make a scene."

Obviously, someone had foreseen her coming and everything was ready.

"You!" Mary Ye 's face turned pale.

who is this guy? He even ordered the hotel staff to protect that bumpkin!'
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