Chapter 44

"Yuri , you're finally back."

Seeing Yuri , Perly Chene was very happy and took her hand.

Yuri was not used to it, but she didn't avoid it. She answered whatever she asked.

After greeting each other, Perly Chene took out a bank card.

"I heard that you don't live in the school. Are you used to living outside alone?" She said and handed the card to Yuri .

"Here is one hundred thousand dollars. I saved it by myself. You can use it. It's not enough. Ask me for it. Don't do... Anything unhappy."

She said the rest in a euphemistic way, but Yuri had sensed that someone was gossiping in his mother's ear and making her worried.

It was self-evident who that person was.

"I'm living in a friend's house. Don't worry. Take the money back. I have it."

Yuri pushed the bank card back.

Perly Chene felt a little sad that her daughter didn't accept her kindness.

She thought she meant to take living expenses from Bright Ye , so she explained

"Your father is still angry. He was in a bad mood because of wha
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