Yuri stayed at Ye family's house for two nights before returning to Tianyu on weekend.

Since Fremingo wasn't there, she could handle the photos taken last week.

The camera had been sent back from Lucheng. When she plugged in the computer and uploaded the photos, she found that Fremingo had also taken many photos of her.

In one of the photos, she sat on the desk and touched the nose of a little porcupine on it. She liked it very much. She sent it to her mobile phone and set it as the profile photo of WeChat.

Then she selected ten private photos of Fremingo and cut off the screenshots of his face. Then she logged in to an unknown wechat account and sent it to the Xingque master.

Nameless: [please check the photos you want.]

Nameless: [when will you give me the ginseng?]

On the other side of the screen.

Fremingo sat in the president's office of Shengda Investment Venture Capital. It was rare for him to deal with the company's e-mails in person.

Shengda Investment Venture Capital was a sma
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