In the Gu family's house.

"old master, my lady, bad news!" The Butler rushed into the living room.

"What's wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?" Bella scolded.

"Young ladyhas been arrested by the police. According to the latest news from the police, she confessed everything. Next, she will be sentenced to death by the court." Said the butler.

With a serious look on Edmend Gu's face, the anger on Bella's face disappeared in an instant. "I see. Let's go downstairs."

"Aren't you going to bail Young ladyout?" The Butler asked in a low voice.

"You don't have to teach us how to do things!" Bella snapped, "besides, don't tell young master about it."

According to this, he wouldn't bail Nancy Gu out.

"Yes, sir." The Butler had to leave with his head bowed.

He had worked in the Gu family for more than twenty years and watched Nancy Gu grow up. Although he knew that Bella had always been biased against William Gu, at least Nancy Gu was his biological daughter. A vicious tiger doesn't eat its cubs.
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