looked at Mike helplessly and said, "you brat..."

Pinching Mike's little face, Snow Cecy felt a little sad again.

Mike liked Terrence Edmin so much because Terrence Edmin treated him very well. After all, this child had never been loved by his father. As long as there was a person like his father appearing in his world, he would fall in love with him completely.

"Don't be angry with him. He just wants to have some healthy and happy memories. As an adult, we should create a play for him."

Terrence Edmin persuaded in a soft tone.

Snow Cecy was speechless

She was not angry at all.

Her face was a little hot, and she could only nod in a muffled voice to take the loss.

When they arrived at the technology garden, it happened to be the most popular time on weekends. When Snow Cecy subconsciously squatted down and was about to hug Mike, Mike had been carried on Terrence Edmin's shoulder,

His broad arms gave her a sense of security.

Snow Cecy wanted to have a try.

It was weekend, so most of the
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