Destined to be mine
Destined to be mine
Author: A.arora


" what the hell are you doing here Michale? " Aarohi said as she looked at his huge figure cover in leather clothes. 

Michale looked at the his beauty in front of him, he always like the backbone she hide in the facade of the timded girl but not today. 

" to take what's mine " he whispered as he took slow steps towards her. 

" I'm not yours Michale " she said, he loved when she took his full name in pleasure but with the fury he didn't like it. 

" you're a monster, a fucking monster Mike " she said looking in his eyes which ones held admiration and love now were full of darkness. 

" I'm not a monster rohi, I'm the darkness myself " he said as he smashed his lips on her soft ones. 

He kissed her with passion possessiveness and love but she couldn't figure him out, he licked her lips for entrance but she denied.

" Mike " she was about to say something when he piched her waist as she grasped, he took his tounge in her mouth exploring her. 

Tears of helplessness fell from her eyes as she felt her toes curl in pleasure, she didn't want to tell that but Michale was making her feel those emotions again. 

She pushed him away from her " you're a fucking cheater, get the fuck out of here mike " she screamed at him. 

He hide his pain behind the cruel look a day pressed the clothe on her mouth. 

" sleep rohi sleep " he said as she passed out. 

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