Author's P. O. V. 

Michael santos wanted to laugh. Fuck he really wanted to laugh when he saw the pale of Aarohi malhotra. 

He knew very well that that everyone feared him. Considered him a monster. That's what he was 

...a monster. 

When he saw aarohi malhotra. His breath got stuck in his throat. He was informed that she was cute. 

But no body told him that she was fucking adorable... 

Her eyes, her face screamed innocence but her eyes also held courage. 

Courage to stand and fight the world. 

It was cleared from the way she gripped the stool. Making her knuckles truned white. 

And he did liked what he see. 

Michael was not. A good boy type nor he was the boy next door. 

He was bad news. 

Bad news for everyone. 

He had a good physic but lean body. He was handsome and hot as hell. 

Michael never knew a dare can lead him to her. 

To aarohi malhotra. 

14 years old, aarohi malhotra. Studying in 9th class. Newly transferred. She was beautiful. With big doe like eyes which speak more than her lips. Sharpe nose and full lips. He cold tell looking at her that she was fucking hot. 

Aarohi always wore full clothes, never talked to anyone except zubin. A straight student. No one knew anything about her aside that she is fucking rich that's cause she always come in an expensive car but always parked it a block away from school. 

Michael knew because he saw her every morning and in night sometimes watching the moon in the beach alone in 4 am in morning. He always found her attractive but never said a single word. 

" you are mine, now.  My girlfriend " he said what his heart told him. 

Fuck when he started to have a heart. 

She looked in his eyes without even blinking terror visible on her face. 

She feared him. 

Like others. 

Without thinking he did something he shouldn't have. 

He kissed her. 

He kissed her feverishly. 

He heared some grasps but didn't bother. However his little girlfriend didn't responded back. Her big eyes were open. 

He wanted to laugh out loud... 

" I'll be waiting for you at the parking lot " he said and winked in his direction before turning his heels out. 


Aarohi's P. O. V. 

He kissed me. 

He fucking kissed me. 

The hottest guy in the school kissed me 

Mr bad news kissed you rohi.... Said my conscience. 

I saw everyone was watching me with shocked eyes. Guys with horror and girls with envy. 

Without saying anything I went out of cafeteria ignoring the stares I was getting. 

I fucking hate attention.... 

God help me plz. 

I locked myself in the empty girls washroom and realised one thing. 

" I was Michael santos 's girlfriend now " I said to myself in a whisper. 

If I knew one much break can do this much harm. I would have skipped school today. 

I didn't attend the classes I had after lunch. I just sat there. Thinking if what should I do now. 

Suddenly I heard a voice. Footsteps to be specific. 

" aarohi are you inside " zubin's voice came. My head snapped up. 

Why he was doing in girls washroom. 

I quickly got up and went out only to be greeted with a bonecrashing hug. 

" zuby boy, you're chocking me " I said with great difficulty. 

" oh.. Am. Sorry " he said while rubbing the back of his neck. 

" what are doing here zubin? " I asked him. 

" congrats! You are now the bad news of the school. Welcome to the club, Ms Santa Claus " he said with a grin. 

I frowned. Looking at him confused. 

Looks like he understood when he said " you're now the bad news's girlfriend " 

I let out a sigh. 

" as if I had a choice" I said. I don't need to tell him anything because I know rumors about me and Michael must be on every tongue. 

Suddenly I heard someone coming our way. I quickly pulled zubin with me in bathroom and accidentally his lips met mine. 

I my flew wide. 

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