Chapter 8

23–29 minutes


I let out a heavy sigh as I gaze up at the full moon and stars from my position on top of the mausoleum roof. This was my and Liam’s usual spot to meet when we wanted to talk and not be interrupted. It was about an equal distance from both our homes and nobody really came to a graveyard at night...maybe an occasional witch or vampire but it was rare. I lay down, closing my eyes and placing my hands behind my head.

I knew my days in The Mortal Realm were numbered now that I was officially the mate of Lucifer. He would be dragging me down to Hell at some point to rule our kingdom. Ridiculous. I’m not even eighteen yet. Plus, what do I know about being a queen? Let alone know about ruling over Hell and The Underworld? And he wants babies...I’m not ready for that, to be a young mother. How many kids is he talking about? One? Two? Twenty? I know some types of demons prefer large families. Does he expect me to be a stay at home mom? And have a dinner plate in my hand
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