Hugging the golden thighs

Under a tree, a nine year old boy was sitting whose face had bruises all over. He was thin and malnourished but his eyes show his inner courage.

He looked at the pill in his hand and a smile appeared on his face. He was treated horribly in this sect but he was sure that this was all a part of training.

But today, the teacher gave him a healing pill. It was not an ordinary pill but only high class cultivators use this.

She gave him her pill.

He smiled and put the pill in his mouth. He was not able to thank the teacher as she was always cold with everyone but deep he knew that she cared about him a lot.

"Teacher, one day I will make you proud of myself." 

He stood up and left the forest as he needed to train now while with a ding the system went online in the head of Gege.

"Congratulations, you won two points. Now your total score is eleven points."

Gege straightened up. Did she just get points by lazily resting?

She was good at this so now she was going to take rest until she gets all the points.

"The host is wrong.

The points are obtained under the title, Protagonist smile."

Gege wanted to scream but could only sigh. It seemed like because he was a protagonist, he was getting favours.

She stood up in a hurry.

"System, how many points I needed to break OOC."

"I am happy that host asked this question and it shows that the host does not has good memory but that will be twenty five points."

Gege snarled at the remarks of the system. Does she look like a fool?

But now she was happy as she found a way to earn more points.

She quickly got up and walked out of the room to find the protagonist. As she came out, she was stunned to see the place. Due to the event that happened with her, she was not able to come out of the room but now as she saw the surroundings, it felt like she came to an ancient time.

She was mesmerized by the beauty but then shook her head as she remembered why she was there.

As she took a step, she fell flat on the ground due to her long robe.


The host needs to stay in the character."

Gege cursed the system as she lifted her head. It was not her fault that she just kissed the ground and even if it was, she can't prevent such things from happening.

She got up and dusted her clothes as she checked her features. Her face was alright.

She stared at the area as she start getting the memories of the character. Now everything was becoming clear to her but this also caused her severe headache.

Gege sat on a bench as she went through the memories. She was scared to see the person's life. By going through the memories, she can know why she suffered from that horrible fate.

The old Gege especially paid a lot of attention in harming the little protagonist. He suffered intense beating over a little mistake.


She lifted her head as she heard a little voice. As she looked up, her eyes fell on a small yet beautiful face. The brown eyes were deep and feels as it's looking inside one's soul. His skin was pale yet delicate. He deserved to be called protagonist.

Sitting there, Gege decided that she can not harm that little kid. Even if she did, there was no way anything can happen to him.

So it was better to hug the golden thigh.


Why are you not training?"

She asked him as her eyes fell on the bucket he was holding. These disciples not only train but also do the chores of the sect. 

As Yantu was little so there was a great chance that he was also doing the chores of others.


The host needs to stay in the character."

Gege wanted to curse as the system made her jump with fear.

"Teacher, I was doing chores before starting my training and...."

Before he could complete what he was going to say, a boy reached there. He was the same boy who brought Yantu earlier to Gege. The boy's name was Chan and he was also a little villain on his own.

But he stayed loyal to Gege until his death.

"What are you doing here? Are you bothering teacher? Scram."

Gege stared at him but could only sigh. This little guy was also going to die just like her.

"Is this how you disrespect your teacher?" Gege stood up and spoke in cold tone making both of them shiver with fear.

"Chan, go and train and you Yantu.."

She paused as her heart cried over what she was going to say.

"Clean my room first. I do not want any dust particle there."

She turned and left elegantly while Chan glared at Yantu and followed her.

After they left, Yantu picked the bucket as he looked a little sad. His big eyelashes trembled and he only stared at his teacher disappearing in the distance with Chan.

He turned and walked towards the chamber that belonged to Gege. He wanted her to be proud of him just like she was with Chan. Everyone knew that Chan was her favorite while Yantu was only there because the grand master asked her to train Yantu.

He wished that she could pay attention on him too.

It was first time that he was going to clean her chamber and as he entered inside, he suddenly felt like he had a great responsibility on his shoulder. He needed to work hard so teacher can be proud of him.

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