Chapter 18 - Reminiscing


(Aria’s first night)

She didn’t realize it, but I sat in the chair, watching her sleep from across the room. It wasn’t until the sun started to peak that I got up quietly and left. I know it may sound as though I am a stalker, and maybe it is a little creepy, but I needed to see her. It was essential for me to be able to watch her and take in as much as I could without her knowing. My sanity wouldn’t allow anything less. It may not seem like it, but she is safe here, within these walls. We protect what is ours, and she will soon come to realize it.

It feels like a lifetime ago when I last held her in my arms and protected her. We were best friends, but deep down we were more than that. We never put a label on it, we just knew that she was my person, and I was hers. Neither one of us dated throughout high school; there was no need when we did everything together.

Reminiscing about that last night is all I’ve done since I left Aria...


8 Years Ago

My pa
Stacy Rush

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