Chapter 11- The Unexpected Clash

Claire suddenly stepped on the brake of the car when someone appeared in her path. It was as if a woman crossed. Her long hair covers her face and wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Claire thinks she bumped into it because she felt like something was thrown. Claire was nervous.

The road is dark. There are no streetlights on the bumpy road. The light coming from the front light of her car is not enough.

Claire came from a medical mission. The medical mission ended at six o'clock but she sent the other fellow doctors ahead. She went straight to one of her aunties who live nearby with her family. She could have slept there because her aunt didn't want to send her out since it was ten o'clock at night already and it was difficult to travel. But she still had a schedule the next day so she insisted on going home.

Someone was able to teach her that there was a shortcut to the national highway and how to avoid the potholes that she passed earlier on her way. But it seems that she is getting furthe
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