Chapter 2

Inside the restaurant squinted dark and silent from the outside. The appearance of the moon showed the shadows to the ones inside. It shined bright that it's light escaped half of the restaurant. Siliva sighed, immediately because of how disappointment she felt. She started walking to the door like a maniac where the moon showed. The man should have shot her but he didn't have the guts because she was a maid of the Alpha. He didn't know that but what he felt feared him more.

The two ladies on the ground dreaded while locking each others hands together, siliva walked like a dead core only to appear in the sight of the moon. She opens her jaw while trying to swallow the moon light. Something was really off about her.

"This people are something." The young man said walking to his gun on the floor. He pulls it up and pointed it to Caroline's head and she starts yelping.

3 days ago, Silvia could remember the same situation that she found herself in. She was in a bank and a larceny began. When she tried to hide herself, that was when the devil found her. He brought her out and kept striking her in the head with the pistol he had in his hand. She was the scapegoat for the whole acting, so that the workers there would crack but surprisingly enough, they didn't. Even more, the workers wanted her dead. They hated and feared her. If this was the only way one would kill her, they would by no means shed tears.

While she was still left in the game of chance between who would crack first, surprisingly the robbers did break first and she was left to the floor, surging in her own blood. She kept bleeding non-stop as the color of her hair turned into the color that was meant to be inside her whole body. The whole workers kept staring at her when the robbed left her to the floor. When the whole scenario was done, everyone vacated the scene without noticing her on the floor. It was as if she was in the wrong world.

She was left to floor with no help. Inside the bank, it had a round opening at the very top and that was where her eye found amusing to look at. After hours passed, the moon came to that spot shedding his own tears on her. As it's light felt her skin, her body starts to heal.

'What's this? I thought am going to die here?' saying to her head, she stands to sit up.

"Wow. Magnificent,"

"I never thought I would find my maid here?" the man said as he appeared from the shadows in front of her. He wore black jack that had knife edges with red inner shirt. His trousers were black blaze and his shoe glazed red. His hands kept clapping when his whole appearance showed.

Just when she was about to stand up, she couldn't. Why? She was at the brink of death and somehow the moon healed her. Part of her was grateful after all, she was tired and wanted to die.

"What are you trying to do?" The man said and that was when Silvia notice his red eye balls. His whole body was dark that if the moon didn't shine, she would only be seeing his red eyes. His eye were a bit frightening but after dying just now, nothing frightened her anymore.

"You can't stand anymore." surprised to what the man said, Siliva pouted her whole face questioning his whole reason. He walks to her front and stood way tall that his height intimidated Silvia.

'That's right, I can't stand.' She whispered to herself but what didn't know was that everything she thought, this man could hear it, loud and clear. It was like she was even talking to him directly.

'Who is this man really?'

Alien Reg. The first young Alpha to rule a whole park and kingdom. He was the first of his families beta to be an Alpha and he earned it after he ended the race of half-breeds living in the human world. After married to his Luna, he looked in search for something he always thought to be missing. And that was his maid. All the ones he hired, ended up as his meal or somehow died. After seeking for more, he felt something when he walked into the human world. A familiar scent from past years. A man had that same scent. It was the scent of the Alphas dethroned maid. Long ago throughout history, each alpha that came in succession of the throne, had one maid to himself and that maid was meant to be born from a vampire and a human. When the last regime came, the servant ran all the way to the human world, covering his whole track and leaving no scent of his. Since then, they ended the line of maids and wiped the whole vampires, leaving the human world for the main time.

But, yet Alien found his maid. He saw when they crashed her head earlier but he just waited to enjoy the sight. He thought she would die like how his other maids ended up, but surprisingly she didn't and when he came closer to her, he felt that strong bond and connection. It was as if, she has been waiting for him years.

He looked at the girl fascinated and said to himself that her had found the perfect match for the job. Just when he was about to hold the girl up, he remembered that the only way for her to get up was to drink his blood because she had seen her master and can't leave until her master gives her a sip of his blood. He suddenly crouched to her level, making his tall body to curve to her.

His eye staring at her beautiful hair, he rubbed her head and somehow, Silvia didn't move only finding it comfortable.

He stretches his hand across Silvia face and she looks to him confused.

"Bite my hand." He said.

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