Chapter 3

Storm POV

I just continued doing my work when my sister left. I know she will not stop bothering me about my secretary, but she knows me well if I decide that's final and I won't change it.

She was right when she said that my secretary never lasts long because I always fire them. I don't like employees who are lazy and have a hidden flirt in their bodies. If they want to stay longer, they also have to do their work properly because I am paying them well.

I treasure this company because this is my father's property while Kiara manages Mommy's restaurant and she also has boutiques. I did everything to keep the Alcantara Company healthy and successful because this was the only worry we had from our parents.

I admit that until now I'm still mourning, I still can't accept their death. Uncle Cain said that I've changed a lot, I am not as cheerful and jolly as I used to be. I feel that when my parents died, half of me also died.

I never thought that they would be taken from us early but I know that they are happy now because they're together. I admire their relationship even though their first marriage didn't go well, in the end, they still ended up together. Too bad for my sister because she didn't even see the love of our parents so when they were buried I promised to take care of and protect my sister at all costs.

I also cried for almost a few months after our parents were buried. Fortunately, Uncle Cain, Uncle Dark, Aunt Calliyah, and Aunt Monique didn't leave us. I studied Business Administration to be able to manage the company when I graduated. Fortunately, things were not easy for me because our uncles were there to support me.

I was deep in thought when the door opened and Uncle Cain and Uncle Dark entered.

"You're talking to your parents' picture again," Uncle Cain said.

"I just miss them, uncle," I answered briefly and I saw him averting his gaze.

"We all miss your parents, it's different when they're here but we know they're happy wherever they are now." Uncle Dark said. "How are you?" he asked me.

"I'm still a handsome uncle and nothing has changed," I answered him arrogantly.

"I heard that you have signed an investor who is elusive." Uncle Cain said.

"Finally I did it, uncle, I courted her for a few days, and luckily I was able to get her to agree because if she doesn't want to, I won't force her," I promise.

"You inherited your father's attitude, he is also short-tempered." Uncle Dark shook his head. "I heard you fired your secretary again, " he added.

"Yes," I replied.

"Reduce your hot-headedness, Stormy, so you can have a long-lasting secretary. Just this month you have three secretaries already.” Uncle Dark exclaimed.

"Because they don't do their work properly that's why they get fired, I will just waste money, uncles, if I let them stay here in the company, and then I'm not satisfied with their work." I defended myself.

They didn't stay long and left because they were going to pick up their wives, while I was already getting ready to go home. I just arranged the documents on my desk and left the office. I went straight to the parking lot and got into my car.

My trip took almost an hour because of the traffic, sometimes you'll just get irritated when rush hour hits you. When I got home, I quickly parked my car in the garage and went inside. I saw my sister watching tv.

"Hi, brother." She greeted me with a smile.

"It's a miracle that you're home earlier," I promise.

She snorted. "You're so mean to me, I always go home early. You're always calling me if I'm late,"

"Sometimes I go home earlier than you. Because Nigel isn't here, you are going anywhere." I preached to her.

"Duh! We're not okay, he's not calling."

"Why do you mean?" I asked.

She rolled her eyes. "Your friend and I broke up!"

"I don't know about it, you're big enough to know what is right from wrong," I said.

I was about to walk up when Kiara stopped me. "Why?" I asked her.

"You still don't have your secretary right?"

I nodded. "So? What now?” I asked her again.

"Because I know someone who needs a job so I talked to her  if she wants to apply to the company."

I looked at her seriously. "Who's that? Does she know anything about being a secretary? You know my requirements for that position,"

I saw her scratching her head. "She is an undergraduate."

"Are you kidding me, Princess Kiara? You're just going to recommend to me someone to be my secretary and an undergraduate?” I exclaimed.

"Relax brother, she helped me last time when I needed help."

"You can help her in other ways, but to be my secretary? No way!” I said and went upstairs. I still heard her calling me but I ignored her.

I don't understand my sister, imagine she wants me to accept someone she knows who didn't graduate as a secretary? I don't know if she has lost her mind or what.

When I entered my room, I went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed because we were going to have dinner later.

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