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At the very beginning, he had said to her, " I shall fill your days with joy and happiness." Later on, he had said, "Why don't you go to hell?" As she stood upon the edge of a cliff and looked down into the abyss below, a serene expression settled on her face as she whispered helplessly, "It seems that after everything we've been through, we won't be growing old together after all." At the moment of her death, however, he felt a twinge of pain in his heart. To whom would his love belong henceforth?

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173 Chapters
Book 1 Chapter 1 She Had Only One Man
The rain was pouring down in mighty cascades.Ye Wanwan, who was heavily pregnant, was rushing towards the emergency room with Bo Qianqian, her dear daughter, in her arms.A bright scarlet torrent of blood was flowing down from between her legs, but she was utterly unaware. At that moment, her only thought was to make sure her precious daughter would be fine.Bo Qianqian was certainly not in good condition. The doctor gave her only the briefest examination before pushing her directly into the emergency room.The sharp pain in Ye Wanwan's stomach was driving her wild. She knew that she was about to give birth.However, with no one else waiting outside the emergency room to look after her daughter, she could not enter the delivery room at ease.Trembling, she took out her phone and called Bo Qing, her husband. "Qing, could you please come to the hospital? Qianqian has been in a terrible car accident, and I'm about to give birth. Please take care of her for me...""Hey sis, Brother
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Chapter 2 Elder Sister, Thank You for Giving Birth to A Son for me!
Ye Wanwan was awakened by the pain.When she had had her first child, she had suffered from the traumatic labor. The doctor had informed her that things would go more smoothly the next time, but unexpectedly, her second delivery had been even tougher and more painful.After giving birth to the child, Ye Wanwan was in so much pain that she couldn't even cry out. The strength had been sapped from her and she was weak and fragile all over.Still, she wanted to know how things were going with Qianqian.The moment Ye Wanwan stepped out of the birthing room, she heard the anxious voice of a doctor. "Who's the relative of Bo Qianqian?""Doctor, It's me! Over here!" Ye Wanwan hobbled over to the doctor in pain, her hand pressing against the wall. "How is Qianqian?""Bo Qianqian is missing! What have you been doing? Why didn't you keep an eye on her? Her oxygen tube must not be unplugged. It's extremely risky for her to leave the ward!""What?! Qianqian is missing?!" Ye Wanwan exclaimed
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Chapter 3 She Lost Her Baby
Ye Ke'er took out her cell phone and dialed Ye Wanwan's number. "Sis, I know where Bo Qianqian is.""Ye Ke'er, what are you planning now? Please don't hurt Qianqian!" Ye Wanwan shouted into the phone anxiously, afraid that something terrible would happen to Bo Qianqian.The smile on Ye Ke'er's face became even more complacent. "She is now at the top of South Mountain. I'd recommend that you pick her up immediately, otherwise there's a good chance she won't live to see the next sunrise!""Don't do anything! I'll be right there!"After hanging up, Ye Wanwan staggered out of the hospital, leaning against the walls for support.The night wind blew harshly over her body, causing her to shiver from the sudden cold.She could clearly feel that she was still bleeding, her stomach was in extreme pain, and her body was on the verge of a breakdown.But the thought that Bo Qianqian was still on the top of South Mountain and that her life was in danger kept Ye Wanwan moving.By the time she
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Chapter 4 Her Bold Betrayal
It was as if Ye Wanwan had had her soul torn out of her. She hugged her son's body tightly and refused to eat or drink.She sat there for a whole day and night.The next day, Bo Qing came to her in a hurry.She lifted her expressionless face as a semi-hopeful thought flitted through her mind: perhaps Bo Qing had come to see their child as he was also so reluctant to part with him.However, rather than gently joining her in her grief, he grabbed the body and threw it to one side, dragging her out of the ward by her wrist."Ye Wanwan, Ke'er's childbirth has resulted in acute leukemia, and she is now in urgent need of marrow. Qianqian is the most likely match by far. Let Qianqian donate it to her!""What did you say?!" Only after hearing her daughter's name did Ye Wanwan come back to her senses and stare at him in disbelief.They had just lost a child, and he didn't seem to care about it at all. Now he was even asking her daughter to donate bone marrow to Ye Ke'er?!Bo Qing did no
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Chapter 5 His Gentleness Does Not Belong to her
In the end, Bo Qianqian was made to donate her bone marrow to Ye Ke'er.Ye Wanwan's efforts to stop him were fruitless. No one could change the decision that Bo Qing had made.Looking at Bo Qianqian's pale face, Ye Wanwan's tears trickled down.She clutched Bo Qianqian's tiny hand and cursed the fact that she could not bear all the pain and torture for her daughter.After donating marrow to Ye Ke'er, Bo Qianqian had fallen into a coma. However, even though she was asleep, her little face was still filled with pain."Dad..."Bo Qianqian's chapped lips moved slowly. "Dad, why don't you come to see me...?""Dad, Qianqian is trying very hard to be a good child. Dad, why don't you like me?"Hearing Bo Qianqian's pitiful sleep-talk, Ye Wanwan's tears flowed even more fiercely.A four-year-old child did not have the kind of complicated thoughts adults did and were ignorant to many of the affairs of the world. She simply believed that her father did not like her or pay attention to he
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Chapter 6 Her Qianqian is Gone
Not only had Ye Ke'er's child been taken away, but also Bo Qianqian!That evening, Bo Qing received a phone call from the kidnapper.They were now by the sea.Bo Qing, together with Ye Wanwan and Ye Ke'er, rushed over in a hurry. By the time they arrived, Bo Qianqian had already woken up.Her small body was pressed against a precipice by the sea. She looked as fragile as if she could be crushed to pieces with a single pinch.Bo Qing handed over the ten million yuan that the kidnappers had demanded and said coldly, "Here is your money, now let them go!""Bo Qing, you killed my father. Today, I will return the favor and make you suffer the pain of losing one of your loved ones!" Guan Bao, the head of the kidnappers, smiled ferociously. He glanced down at Bo Qianqian and the baby in his arms. "Only one of these two children can live today. Bo Qing, make a choice, and I will let go of him or her!""I'll give you one hundred million yuan as long as you release both of them!" Bo Qing
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Chapter 7 He Filled Her Heart with Pain
Ye Wanwan rushed to the edge of the cliff and frantically tried to grab Bo Qianqian before she disappeared, but all her hand closed around was thin air."Qianqian, be a good girl! Mommy's coming!"Ye Wanwan wanted to jump down and get her daughter back, but before she could do so, she felt sharp stabbing pains run through her lower abdomen again.She choked out a big mouthful of blood and then abruptly lost consciousness.Bo Qing had never expected Bo Qianqian to fall into the sea. After a short pause, he rushed to the edge of the precipice and jumped into the churning waves below.Struggling to see on such a dark and stormy night, he searched for Bo Qianqian in the sea but came up with nothing.At his command, some of his men and a rescue team soon arrived, but it was not easy even for professionals to find a person in such a vast sea!After three days of searching the waters, Bo Qing and the others still could not find any trace of Bo Qianqian. Everyone knew well that she was
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Chapter 8 Erosive and Cold Love
"Ye Ke'er, what on earth do you want to do?!"Ye Wanwan knew that she was full of cunning tricks and shot her a wary glance."Sis, I was the one who arranged for Guan Bao and the others to kidnap the kids. I just want you to see that compared to my child, yours is nothing! I'm the only woman Brother Qing has room for in his heart. Ye Wanwan, you'll never be able to take him from me!" Ye Ke'er did not answer Ye Wanwan's question, instead spewing her smug monologue."You murdered Qianqian! Ye Ke'er, I'm going to kill you to avenge her death!"Ye Wanwan got up from the ground and threw herself at Ye Ke'er.Ye Ke'er did not panic at all. She put her hand on the neck of the child in her arms and warned, "Sister, you'd better be obedient. Don't think I won't break your son's neck right now if I don't like your behavior!"Upon hearing her words, Ye Wanwan froze immediately.She didn't care about Ye Ke'er threatening her, but she couldn't afford to lose her son's life."Ye Ke'er, give
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Chapter 9 Ye Wanwan Became Blind
"Ke'er!" Bo Qing rushed to the bottom of the stairs and held the blood-covered Ye Ke'er in his arms, desperately calling her name, "Ke'er, are you alright?"After having to endure the nightmare of the cold seawater swallowing up her daughter's tiny body, and Ye Ke'er throwing her second child out of the window, Ye Wanwan was overwhelmed with the desire to chop her hateful sister into a thousand tiny pieces!Looking at Ye Ke'er, who was covered in blood, she still could not let go of her hatred. She stumbled down the stairs and wanted to keep fighting to the bitter end."Ye Wanwan, are you crazy!?" Bo Qing shoved her away harshly. "You've killed Ke'er's child. You deserve to die for your crimes. What right do you have to bully her like this!""I didn't! That was my child! For God's sake, it was Ye Ke'er who threw him out!" Ye Wanwan's eyes were bloodshot as she roared at Bo Qing. "She also killed Qianqian! I swear on my children's fresh graves that I will get revenge!"Obviously, B
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Chapter 10 Nothing Left in the End
"My dear sister, who else would be coming to see you except me?"Hearing Ye Ke'er's sinister voice, Ye Wanwan wanted to twist around and break her neck.Unfortunately, she was now blind and helpless and could not even tell the exact location of Ye Ke'er.Ye Ke'er stared at Ye Wanwan's face with hatred. Even though the removal of her corneas had deprived her eyes of some of their original brilliance, her natural beauty was still breathtaking.It was this face that had fascinated her Brother Qing so much that he had been unable to even spare a glance at anyone else!Earlier that morning, Bo Qing had suggested that she take the child abroad when he woke up. The memory made Ye Ke'er grit her teeth hard in anger."Even though I have already done so much, Ye Wanwan is still the only woman in his heart!"As long as Ye Wanwan is still alive, Bo Qing will never truly love me. Only if I can end her existence on this earth will Brother Qing become mine!""Sister, I'm here to tell you some
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