Chapter 100 Should I Keep Liking Him?

Madam Jin walked over to Su Qingyin and Su Xinrui when the two were talking.

She took note of the sorrow in Su Qingyin's eyes and patted her hand to comfort her.

Her gaze, similarly, carried deep meaning as she stared at Jin Fengchen leaving with Jiang Sese.

When the car disappeared completely out of view, she hesitated for a moment before putting on a smile and saying, "Let's go, Qingyin. We're going the same way, so I'll drop you off."

Su Qingyin returned her smile and accepted the offer.

"Thank you, Auntie."

Su Qingyin lowered her gaze. She was feeling a little better now. "So what if Jin Fengchen likes Jiang Sese? As long as Master and Madam Jin disagree, if they stand on my side, I will have a big chance of success."

With such a thought in mind, Su Qingyin left with Madam Jin and the rest.


After dropping off Jiang Sese below her apartment, Jin Fengchen said, "Skip work and get some rest today. Call me if anything happens."

"Mhm, I understand. Thank you for sending me
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