Chapter 1001 A Woman’s Heart Is Unfathomable

Shangguan Yuan smiled at herself.

She knew that Jin Fengchen had no eyes for any woman other than Jiang Sese. However, she still tried to come on to him, and that was basically asking to be rebuffed.

Ridding herself of her disappointment, she turned and marched into the Fang Group’s offices.

Fang Yuchen had received the intercom from his assistant saying that Shangguan Yuan was here. He immediately stood up and rushed out of his office.

“Mr. President, how can I help?” Song Yao hurriedly stood and asked when he saw him walk out.

“Prepare two lattes, no sugar.” Fang Yuchen said as he walked towards the elevator.

Seeing this, Song Yao realized what he wanted to do. He could not help but smile to himself. It seemed like the President was really interested.


As soon as the elevator doors opened, Shangguan Yuan saw Fang Yuchen standing outside. She was taken aback, but quickly recovered.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as she stepped out of the elevator.

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