Chapter 1003 Nothing Is Impossible

Seeing Fang Teng so worried, Jin Fengchen advised him, “Uncle, you need to believe in Yuchen. He has the abilities to handle this.”

“He is my son, of course I’d believe in him. I’m just afraid…”

Fang Teng sighed heavily, and did not continue.

Jin Fengchen knew what he wanted to say. “All Fang Yiming can do for now is to wait. He will not dare to do anything else.”

Fang Teng nodded. “That’s good then. I was afraid he would try to sabotage Yuchen.”

Truthfully, his worries were well founded.

“I’ll send people to protect Yuchen.” Jin Fengchen said solemnly.

Fang Teng looked at him appreciatively. “Thank you, Fengchen. If it were not for you, Yuchen would be in an even more difficult position in the Fang Group.”

Because of the support of the Jin Group, the directors did not dare to give Yuchen too hard of a time.

“As Sese said, there’s no need to be so formal among family.”

These words moved Fang Teng greatly. “That’s right. Family. We’re family.”

Jiang Sese had walked
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