Chapter 1008 What Is The Meaning Of This?

Before Jiang Sese could come up with a reply, Shang Ying spoke up first. “Fengchen trusts the both of you, that’s why he hands everything over to the both of you.”

Jiang Sese hurriedly agreed. “That’s right, he trusts you.”

“It is a great honor to obtain Chairman Jin’s trust.” Shangguan Yuan smiled, and said nothing else.

It was already past 1pm when they had finished lunch. They had just walked out of the restaurant when Jiang Sese’s phone suddenly rang.

It was Jin Fengchen.

“Is it Fengchen?” Shang Ying asked.

Jiang Sese nodded, before she took her phone aside.

They had not noticed that Shangguan Yuan’s face instantly became a bit strange at the words “Fengchen”.

Jiang Sese picked up the phone to hear Jin Fengchen’s unique, low voice say, “Will you be home soon?”

“Yeah, in a bit.”

“Do you need me to pick you guys up?”

Jiang Sese turned to look at Shang Ying and replied, “If it’s too much trouble, it’s fine.”

“Where are you?” Jin Fengchen wasted no words, and im
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