Chapter 1010 She Is A Burden To You

“Miss, could I ask you to go home first? When the party is over we’ll talk about it, okay?” Fang Rui said to the woman in a placating tone.

The woman did not give him any face. “No! I know that if I walk out this door today, I’ll never see Fang Yanqin again.”

It was not obvious, but this woman was quite smart.

Chen Yun stepped forward, her face full of smiles. She said gently, “I know Yanqin has done you wrong, but today is Yanqin’s father’s birthday party. I hope you could give us some face, okay?”

“Give you face? Then who will be responsible for me and my child?”

As she said this, the woman suddenly burst into tears. “Do you think I want to be here? If it’s not for the baby in my womb, I would rather die than be here.”

“How pitiful, no matter how you look at it the child is innocent.”

“That’s right, at the end of the day Fang Yanqin has gone too far. He got someone pregnant and now refuses to take responsibility.”

“I think I’ll need to keep an eye on my daughter, she
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goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Son
I know it! From the start Shangguan Yuan give me this weird feeling. I think she just get closer to Sese so that she can be with Fengchen, she thinks that she has a chance to be with Fengchen. what a joke🙄
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
Woah, she is asking for it. That was the wrong thing to say. She’s done for now.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
Wrong thing to say Shangguan Yuan!!

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