Chapter 1011 Please Conduct Yourself With Dignity

Jin Fengchen did not think he would say that, and his face instantly darkened.

Shangguan Yuan smiled, and her gaze was fixed on his handsome face. “Chairman Jin, don’t you think I’m right?”

Jin Fengchen’s eyes were cold as he spoke with a voice that was filled with frost, “Sese treats you as a friend, don’t you think you shouldn’t say such things?”

“It’s because we’re friends that I dare to speak like this. We need to be honest, right?”

Shangguan Yuan could not comprehend where she was wrong, and she acted as though she were in the right.

Jin Fengchen smiled coldly. “It’s not your place to speak of Sese and I. Ms. Shangguan, please conduct yourself with dignity.”

After he said this, he strode off to Jiang Sese, leaving her alone in the cold.

Shangguan Yuan gripped the wine glass in her hand tightly, unhappiness clear on her face.

She was more outstanding than Jiang Sese, she was more suited for him than Jiang Sese, but why did he only have eyes for Jiang Sese?

She was
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