Chapter 1012 I Think You’ve Got The Wrong Person

Yuan Qingsong caught it in a rush and looked down. When he saw his name, his expression changed slightly, but he quickly recovered. He asked calmly, “Is there a problem with me exporting?”

Fang Yuchen smiled. “No.”

“Then what have you brought me here for? I can report you for kidnapping.” Yuan Qingsong acted like he was in the right.

“I remember the Yuan family’s businesses are not connected to medicinal herbs at all; why would you suddenly export them? Have you changed your business?”

“I--” Yuan Qingsong was clearly a little panicked now. “Do I have to tell you about my business?”

Fang Yuchen ignored him. He casually flipped through the list and read it aloud. “Western Regions Chinese aconite, Poinsettia…”

He had read out the names of rare medicinal herbs.

Even the Fang Group, which were medicinal herbs traders, would be unable to produce such large quantities of those medicinal herbs. However, it would definitely be suspicious that Yuan Qingsong, who was not in the indu
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