Chapter 1015 You Are Not Very Sensible

The melodious piano music filled the restaurant.

Shangguan Yuan looked up. Her eyes fell on Jiang Sese, who was eating quietly across her with a thoughtful expression.

Jiang Sese put down her cutlery, picked up the napkin, and gently wiped the corner of her mouth. She raised her head and met Shangguan Yuan's stare.

She smiled and asked, “What’s up?”

Shangguan Yuan regained her senses, smiled, and shook her head. “It's nothing. It's just nice to see you eat.”

Jiang Sese looked down at the food on her plate and nodded. “It tastes pretty good. However, you don't seem to have any appetite.”

In sharp contrast with her dinner plate, the food on Shangguan Yuan's dinner plate was almost untouched.

“I don’t have much of an appetite,” Shangguan Yuan smiled bitterly.

Jiang Sese was concerned and asked, “Is anything wrong?”

Shangguan Yuan remained silent for a long time before slowly saying, “There’s someone that I like.”

Hearing this, Jiang Sese’s eyes widened in surprise. “Who is it?”

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