Chapter 1017 Will Never Be Peaceful

Staring at their backs as they left, Shang Ying let out a long sigh of relief. “The matter can be considered to be finally resolved.”

“Will Yanxin really marry that woman?”

Jiang Sese was afraid that Fang Yanxin just said it on impulse and would go back on his word later.

“Your uncle values his face and reputation the most. In order to prevent that girl from going to the media and exposing them, even if he has to tie him up, he will get Yanxin to marry her.”

Jiang Sese was relieved when she heard this. “That's good.”

Although she sought out the girl to teach Fang Yanxin a lesson, the child in the girl's belly did indeed belong to Fang Yanxin. She has at least done a good deed.

However, Second Uncle’s household would never be peaceful.

Back in their room, Jiang Sese sat down on the edge of the bed, thought about what had happened just now, and sighed, “Do you think I went overboard?”

Thinking about how angry her Second Aunty looked, she felt a little sorry.

Jin Fengchen walked
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