Chapter 1022 Fengchen, I’m Afraid I Would Die

Upon learning that Jiang Sese was awake, Xiaobao and Tiantian rushed to the bedroom upstairs.

Shang Ying was so shocked that she cried out from behind. “Be careful!”

The children naturally did not hear any of that. They ran up to the room door but Tiantian stopped abruptly.

Tiantian stared at the closed door and asked softly, “Brother, do you think Mommy is still angry at me?”

Xiaobao pursed his lips and held her hand. “No, Mommy won't be angry with you. Let's go in.”

He then pushed open the door and walked in with Tiantian.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Jiang Sese turned her head toward the door.

When she saw the two little children, the corners of her mouth rose into a smile.

Tiantian raised her eyes to meet her gaze, then quickly lowered her head, afraid to look at her.

Jiang Sese frowned slightly.

Xiaobao led Tiantian and walked toward the bedside.

“Mommy, how are you feeling?” Xiaobao's childish face was full of concern.

Jiang Sese reached out to touch his he
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