Chapter 1032 Want To Be A Hero?

Shangguan Yuan went back to Shangguan Qian with a heavy heart.

“I want to leave,” she said.

At first, when Shangguan Qian saw her walking toward him, his face glowed with a bright smile. The moment he heard her words, he sulked.

“Don’t you want to accompany me?” he asked.

Shangguan Yuan simply said faintly, “I’m tired.”

“Tired?” Shangguan Qian sneered. “Didn’t you enjoy talking to Fang Yuchen? Why are you so tired with me now?”

Shangguan Yuan frowned when she heard that. She looked slightly upset.

Shangguan Qian held his breath unconsciously when he pressed further and asked, “Or, you’re already dating him?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Shangguan Yuan scolded.

Shangguan Qian squinted his eyes and questioned, “Are you not?”

Shangguan Yuan could not help but laugh, but her laughter was never reflected in her eyes. She refuted, “What if I am? Or what if I’m not? You can’t control me, right?”

“Shangguan Yuan!”

Her words deeply angered Shangguan Qian.

Shangguan Yuan
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