Chapter 1037 It’s All Because She Likes You

Fang Yuchen sped home, his heartbeat pounding up along the way.

He only calmed down until he arrived home and saw Shangguan Yuan.

He looked and smiled gently at Shangguan Yuan. “Yuanyuan.”

Shangguan Yuan looked surprised. It was obvious that she did not expect him to be back.

“Yuchen, why are you back?” asked Jiang Sese, pretending to be surprised.

Fang Yuchen looked at her and saw her wink. He understood and replied with a smile, “I left a document at home, so I came back to get it.”

“What a coincidence! Yuanyuan is here too.”

Jiang Sese stood up and dragged Fang Yuchen over to sit beside Shangguan Yuan. “You two have a chat. I’ll go help out in the kitchen.”

She then quickly turned and headed to the kitchen, leaving the two of them behind.

Fang Yuchen stole a glance at the woman beside him. He awkwardly did not know where to place his hands and did not know what to say.

Shangguan Yuan took the initiative and spoke, “I sent Sese back and thought I’d come and say hello to
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