Chapter 1039 Impossible!

Jin Fengchen looked at Fang Yuchen’s confidence-filled expression. He was silent for a while before slowly saying, “If you are confident, proceed.”


With his support, Fang Yuchen was even more confident.

Early the next morning, he went to the office and went directly into Fang Yiming's office.

As always, Fang Yiming came to work very early. When he entered his office, he was taken aback when he saw Fang Yuchen.

“Good morning, Eldest Cousin,” greeted Fang Yuchen with a smile.

Fang Yiming frowned, and his tone was a little annoyed. “What are you doing here?”

“There is something that I cannot figure out, so I came over to ask for your advice.”

He sounded humble and respectful, but one could still hear the sarcasm if one listened carefully.

Fang Yiming scowled and smiled coldly, “I am unworthy. It’s best that you seek advice from someone else.”

He walked past Fang Yuchen with a cold expression and dropped his briefcase heavily on the desk.

Fang Yuchen turned around and s
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