Chapter 1041 Sese, Wait For Me

In accordance with Jin Fengchen's orders, He Shuhan deployed his men around several of Bo Gelian’s research facilities.

They were waiting for the right opportunity to break in.

They had to obtain the latest progress results of the pathogen research this time.

After staking out for several days, He Shuhan’s men discovered something amiss.

“Mister He, we have not seen Professor Curry enter or leave any of these research facilities. Could he not be at any of these facilities?”

“Are you sure you haven't seen him?” asked He Shuhan.

“Yes. We’ve been watching these facilities twenty-four-seven. Even if a fly were to enter, we would know.”

He Shuhan thought for a while and said, “Keep watching. I will report the current situation to the Young Master and see what he says.”

“Yes.” The subordinate left hurriedly.

He Shuhan frowned and pondered for a while before picking up the phone and dialing Jin Fengchen's number.

Jin Fengchen had just arrived in Jin City and returned to the Jin hou
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