Chapter 1042 Discovered

After Shangguan Yuan finished her breakfast, she went straight to the hotel to look for Pierce.

"Mr. Pierce, I'm very interested in that virus."

It seemed she immediately went straight to the point the instant she met him.

Pierce raised his brows and said, "So does this mean that you’ve agreed to join SA Group's research team?"

"No." Shangguan Yuan shook her head and said, "I just want to collaborate with you."

"What do you mean?" Pierce asked, not understanding what she meant.

Shangguan Yuan smiled and said, "Shangguan Group has our own research facility as well. I am the supervisor there and I believe we can work together."

Pierce shook his head and said, "Miss Shangguan, I believe I should be completely clear with you. Our research team in SA Group needs only you."

He emphasized the word, 'only.'

"Mr. Pierce, wouldn’t a mutual collaboration be better for us?" Shangguan Yuan obviously would not give up that easily.

Pierce remained silent for a brief moment before saying, "L
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