Chapter 1043 Surrender The Item

The 'old place' that Suna mentioned in the call was a shrub in a park near the hotel.

Jing Liuyue had prepared for all eventualities before the plan started, including the possibility that her cover was blown.

He thought that he had been mentally prepared for it, but he still found it hard to believe when it really happened.

He and Ji Dongtang came to the park and found a small box within the shrubbery.

The flash drive that they wanted was within the box.

Jing Liuyue felt conflicted as he held the flash drive in his palm. He turned to look at Ji Dongtang and said, "I want to go and save Suna."

"Are you mad?" Ji Dongtang was taken aback. "What happens if you fail to save her and get yourself involved?"

Jing Liuyue pressed his lips tightly together and did not reply.

Ji Dongtang knew that he was upset. "Suna was someone you specifically groomed to risk her life for you. I think she wouldn't hope that you'd go and save her." He comforted Jing Liuyue as he patted his should
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