Chapter 1050 Scapegoat

When Shang Ying went home that night, she informed Fang Teng and Fang Yuchen that Old Man Fang showed signs of waking up soon.

“Mom, is that for real?” Fang Yuchen asked with doubt.

“Of course. You can ask Sese too.”

Fang Yuchen turned to look at Jiang Sese.

Sese pursed her lips and smiled. She said in a very serious tone, “Cousin, it’s true. Grandfather’s fingers twitched. The doctor said he will wake up very soon.”

When Fang Teng heard that, he said “That’s great!” repeatedly. His eyes turned red.

Fang Yuchen’s eyes watered too. He took a deep breath and held back his tears. He forced a smile and said happily, “That’s great. Grandpa is waking up soon.”

“Yuchen, you better solve the issues by tomorrow. Only then, you won’t disappoint your Grandpa’s expectations of you,” Fang Teng said solemnly.

“Dad, I know.”

Fang Yuchen believed he could conclude the issues well by tomorrow.

Jiang Sese gripped her fist and cheered her cousin on, “Good luck, Cousin.”

Fang Yuchen returned w
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