Chapter 1051 Get Caught By Him

Master Yang’s voice pulled Fang Yuchen back to his senses.

He looked at Fang Cheng, who kneeled in front of him. He frowned tersely and ordered in a deep voice, “Song Yao!”

Song Yao heard his call and quickly went to Fang Cheng, trying to pull him up.

However, Fang Cheng persistently refused to get up. “Yuchen, it’s all my fault. If you want to blame me, just do it. It’s not related to Yiming at all.”

Fang Yuchen finally understood his intention. Fang Cheng planned to be the scapegoat for Fang Yiming.

“Eldest Uncle, I’m younger than you. Why are you kneeling before me? Are you trying to ridicule me?” Fang Yuchen stared at Fang Cheng with an emotionless face.

A hint of panic flashed across Fang Cheng’s face. He quickly shook his head and denied, “Yuchen, I don’t have that intention.”

“Dad, get up. I believe Yuchen is a reasonable man. He won’t simply accuse others,” Fang Yiming said. However, his words were extremely ironic.

Fang Yuchen could not help but smile, but his smile ne
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