Chapter 1052 Cease Your Thoughts


In his effort to expedite the search of Professor Curry’s research laboratory, Jin Fengchen had Qisha help investigate Fu Jingyun’s whereabouts.

He wanted to retrieve useful information from Fu Jingyun.

One fine day, Fu Jingyun returned to his condominium as usual.

As he pressed his finger on the smart lock, he glanced sideways and saw the man in black a few steps away from him.

That was one of the men that Bo Gelian sent to monitor him.

It was the price he paid when he joined Professor Curry’s research team. He had no more freedom and privacy.

As he thought of that, frustration grew in his heart. He moved his hand, turned around, and stared at the man in black blankly.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“No,” the man replied.

Fu Jingyun raised his brows and said, “If you’re hungry, go get something to eat. I’m not going anywhere.”

The man in black stood there and did not move.

Seeing that, Fu Jingyun had a slightly mocking smile as he said, “Forget it. Pretend I never sa
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