Chapter 1056 I Miss You

‘That’s my problem. I know what I’m doing.’

When Fang Yuchen heard her say that, he knew his words did not impact her at all. She did not listen.

He lowered his head and smiled to himself. Suddenly, he felt eased and alleviated. He got over the fact that she never liked him.

Feelings were never something that could be forced. He understood one should give up when it was time to free oneself. He understood that.

However, she still did not understand. She was still obsessed.

Fang Yuchen got up. When he saw that she just kept drinking, he urged softly, “Don’t drink too much. It’s not safe here.”

Shangguan Yuan turned around and glanced at him.

Fang Yuchen smiled and excused himself, “I’ll go and find my friends. Watch yourself.”

As soon as he said that, he left Shangguan Yuan alone.

Shangguan Yuan’s gaze followed him closely as she watched him return to his friends. He chatted happily with them and seemed relaxed and at ease.

It seemed like he had given up for real.

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