Chapter 1059 Lose Them

Before the birthday party ended, Jin Fengchen and Qisha left earlier.

“We’re being followed.”

He Shuhan looked in his rearview mirror, and his expression turned serious.

Qisha turned around and glanced behind the car. Indeed, there was a car following behind. “Lose them.”

She had to complain, “This Bo Gelian is suspicious way too easily. He even sent his men to tail us.”

She had always disliked men that were easily suspicious. Jin Fengchen already went through such a situation once, so he was not worried. He closed his eyes calmly and took a short rest as if it had nothing to do with him.

Seeing that, Qisha could not help but elbow him slightly. She asked, “Hey, Jin Fengchen. Aren’t you scared if Bo Gelian finds out that you’re Jin Fengchen?”

“If I was afraid, I wouldn’t have gone to see him.”

Jin Fengchen opened his eyes. His eyes were ice-cold, and his smile revealed a hint of ridicule.

To him, Bo Gelian was simply an equal rival and enemy. There was no need to be afraid.

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They MUST save Sese!!

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