Chapter 1066 Smiling In My Sleep

Upon hearing this, Chen Yun immediately screamed, “This was not what you said at home! What are you up to? Tell me what you told me at home!”

Shanshan lowered his head to conceal the glimmer in her eyes, and muttered, “You forced me to say that. It was not what I wanted to say.”

Shang Ying heard it and understood what was going on at once.

She looked at Chen Yun and could not help but sneer. “Second Sister-in-law, you’re really willing to use such dirty tactics to frame Sese. This is going too far!”

“I…I’m not!”

Chen Yun was so furious that she rushed up and grabbed Shanshan's arm and cursed, “You’re deliberately embarrassing me, right?!

“No. I didn't…” Shanshan flushed, looking very aggrieved.

Jiang Sese knew that she was acting, but she was also very grateful that she did not reveal the truth. Otherwise, her second auntie would definitely not let her off.

“Second Sister-in-law, I know you don't like Shanshan, but you don't have to make things any more difficult for her.”

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