Chapter 1067 You’re Just Like My Dog

Due to the incident with Chen Yun, it was almost dark when Jiang Sese arrived at the hospital.

Fang Xueman frowned when she saw her daughter walk in. “It's so late. Why are you here?”

Jiang Sese walked up to her and smiled, “I’ve come to accompany you. I was afraid you’d be bored.”

Fang Xueman smiled helplessly. “I have been reading to your grandfather these days, how could I be bored?”

“How is Grandfather?” Jiang Sese sat down and leaned her head on Fang Xueman’s shoulder affectionately.

Fang Xueman held her hand. “No changes. However, the doctor said that as long as I keep talking to him, he can hear me and he will wake up eventually.”

“Mother,” Jiang Sese called out softly.


“Sorry to trouble you.”

Fang Xueman turned to look at her.

Jiang Sese straightened up and met her gaze.

“Silly child, why are you suddenly saying things like this?

“It's nothing, I just think you are working very hard.” Jiang Sese held her hand and said in a soft voice, “You are not in good hea
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