Chapter 1069 Gamble

Professor Curry's words made Fu Jingyun very uncomfortable.

He chuckled softly, “Professor Curry is very cautious. I should learn from you.”

Everyone could hear the sarcasm in his words.

Nevertheless, Professor Curry did not care, “You still have much to learn.”

He then turned to Bo Gelian, “I have some things to attend to. I will return to my laboratory now.”

Bo Gelian nodded. “Very well.”

After Professor Curry left, Bo Gelian looked at Fu Jingyun and noticed the aversion in his eyes. “Fu, you don't have to take Curry's words to heart. He is always like this.”

The corners of Fu Jingyun’s mouth twitched. “I don't mind it.”

Bo Gelian laughed. “Your expression tells me that you mind a great deal.”

“I do mind that I am not trusted.”

Fu Jingyun fixed his gaze on Bo Gelian.

“Don’t I trust you?” asked Bo Gelian in turn.

“You do, but Professor Curry doesn’t. I’ve been here for so long, yet he still puts his guard up against me.”

As he spoke, his expression grew uglier.

“Since h
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