Chapter 1072 I Trust You

Everything Qisha said seemed to be taunting her.

Shangguan Yuan clenched her fist and gave a deadly glare to the woman in front of her.

Qisha curled her lips and continued, “So, don’t have any delusions for him. In this life, he will only love his wife.”

After she said that, she turned away and wanted to leave.

A faint voice sounded behind Qisha. “Who can guarantee that he’ll love his wife for his whole life? Him, or you?”

Qisha raised her fine brows. Was she looking for more trouble?

She turned back and looked at Shangguan Yuan with a mocking smile, “What are you trying to say?”

Shangguan Yuan got up and their eyes met at the same level. She said each word clearly, “No one can guarantee they can love another one forever.”

Hearing that, Qisha was intrigued. She hugged both her hands in front of her chest and looked at Shangguan Yuan with a judgemental smile. “You plan to destroy their relationship?”

“If their love is strong enough, I won’t be able to destroy them. Otherwise, t
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