Chapter 1073 First Come, First Serve

It had been peaceful for the past few days.

Every day, Jiang Sese either visited her mother in the hospital or stayed at home to read some books. She rarely went out.

On a fine day, Shang Ying invited her to shop at the mall. Since the seasons were changing, Shang Ying thought it was time to buy some new clothes.

“Aunty, I’ll just get my clothes from Jin City. I don’t need new clothes,” Jiang Sese rejected Shang Ying’s kind invitation.

However, how would Shang Ying accept?

“That won’t do. Even if we don’t buy new clothes, you still have to go out and take a walk. You only go to the hospital or stay at home. You’ll go crazy if you only do that.”

Jiang Sese smiled helplessly. “Aunty, you’re exaggerating.”

“No matter what, you must follow me out today.”

Jiang Sese could not win with Shang Ying, so she had to follow her to the mall obediently. The driver sent them to the mall entrance and left.

“Come, let’s walk around.”

Shang Ying took Jiang Sese’s hand and walked into the mal
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