Chapter 1075 You Should Know

Fang Yuchen originally thought Ye Xiaoyi was a quiet and gentle girl. Even if they could not become lovers, they still could be friends.

However, he never expected that she would say such unsightly words.

With that, Fang Yuchen’s impression of her dropped badly.

Jiang Sese was very surprised at her reaction. She said, “Xiaoyi, the stain should be removable. It wasn’t on purpose.”

Since Jiang Sese spoke on the girl’s behalf, Ye Xiaoyi’s expression worsened.

“It’s already stained. How can it be washed away?” She kept wiping her dress and looked at Jiang Sese with discontent.

When the girl saw the clothes were indeed stained, she said, “How much? I’ll pay you back.”

“Eighteen thousand,” Ye Xiaoyi said the number angrily.

Not only the girl was shocked, even Jiang Sese felt surprised. “Eighteen thousand?”

“That’s right. What’s wrong?” Ye Xiaoyi looked at Jiang Sese and felt her surprise was strange. “These are my cheapest clothes already.”


She was really willing to spen
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