Chapter 1079 None Of Your Business

For the past two days, Catalina noticed that Fu Jingyun was acting strangely. Whenever he was free, he would walk around the research institute and roam around every corner.

On that day, Fu Jingyun acted just like the past two days. He came to the backyard of the research institute. He stood on the steps and glanced over every security camera on the fence.

Catalina followed behind him. She could not resist anymore and asked, “What are you doing?”

Fu Jingyun turned back and glanced at her, but he never did not answer her question.

She walked to his side, and she observed the whole backyard. “Is there anything worth seeing here?”

“Are you so free?” Fu Jingyun turned over and glanced at her with his cold eyes.

Catalina sneered. “Why? You can come here, but I can’t?”

Fu Jingyun fixed his gaze at her, but he said nothing.

“Fine. I admit I’m following you. Is that alright?” Catalina admitted openly.

“You better stay away from me,” Fu Jingyun warned with a cold tone.

His cold voic
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