Chapter 108 Why Didn't You Wait for Me?

Jiang Sese still felt flustered when she got back to work. What happened at the restaurant, especially what happened by the door of the bathroom, came back flashing in front of her eyes. Her heart was still throbbing when thinking of their kiss.

Jiang Sese had to numb her senses with work.

She finished her work for the day at around five. She told Su Shan that she wanted to go home early since her work was already done.

"Sese, what happened? Did something come up?" Su Shan asked.

Jiang Sese shook her head. "Nothing urgent, but I will go and see my mom at the hospital."

But in fact, she only left early to avoid Jin Fengchen, who said before that he would catch her later. Jiang Sese was afraid that he might wait for her at work, so to avoid meeting him again, she decided to leave early. She wanted to go home directly but then she was afraid that Jin Fengchen might be there so she decided to go to the hospital to see her mother.

Su Shan didn't say no to her. "Okay then, see you!"

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