Chapter 1085 Risk His Life

There was only a heavy silence in the car.

Jin Fengchen shut his eyes. His handsome face remained calm and stoic without any display of panic.

Bo Gelian chuckled lightly, “Mister Jin is indeed amazing. You’re so calm in such a situation.”

There was no reply to his statement.

Bo Gelian was not frustrated at his silence. He continued, “Since I have the opportunity to invite Mister Jin to my place as a guest, I hope you can stay for a few more days. I will definitely keep you entertained.”

On the surface, he invited Jin Fengchen as a guest. The truth was, he would lock Jin Fengchen up.

Jin Fengchen opened his eyes slowly and moved his thin lips. “Mister Bo Gelian, are you not afraid of offending the Jin family with your actions?”

“Scared. Of course, I’m scared.”

Bo Gelian openly admitted it and said, “However, it’s only for these few days. Once Professor Curry’s experiment is complete, I would let you go naturally.”

When Jin Fengchen heard Bo Gelian’s words, he shut his eyes tigh
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