Chapter 1086 Put My Daughter Down!

When Fu Jingyun saw the photo, he stood up instantly.

He kept staring at the photo with an intense glare. Catalina went to his country!

He took a deep breath and suppressed his raging waves of anger. He quickly called Catalina, and she answered almost immediately.

Through the phone, Fu Jingyun could hear Catalina’s sarcastic voice ridiculing him.

“Fu, did you see the photo? You haven’t seen them for so long. Do you miss her a lot?”

“What are you trying to do?” Fu Jingyun questioned. He subconsciously gripped his phone tightly, and his expression tensed.

On the other side, Catalina chuckled and asked in reply, “Guess what I want to do?”

“I’m warning you. If you dare to hurt Sese, I will kill you!”

Even though they were confronting each other through the phone, Catalina could hear Fu Jingyun gnashing his teeth.

Catalina laughed. “Fu, you forced me. If you didn’t intend to cause damage to the research institute, I wouldn’t have come to the Capital. Not only that, I wouldn’t be
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