Chapter 1088 It’s Too Late!

Jin Fengyao rushed to the airport in a hurry.

When he found Fang Yuchen, he asked anxiously, “What happened? How did my sister-in-law get kidnapped?”

“Don’t panic yet.” Fang Yuchen calmed Jin Fengyao down before he explained, “Sese brought her children to play outside with her friend. A foreign woman carried Tiantian away when she wasn’t paying attention. She threatened Sese with Tiantian and instructed Sese to follow her.”

“Foreign woman?” Jin Fengyao frowned.

Fang Yucchen nodded. “Yes. I already instructed my assistant to obtain the surveillance camera recording of the incident. If I guess correctly…”

When Fang Yuchen stopped abruptly, his expression turned serious.

“What’s the matter?” Jin Fengyao prompted.

“She’s one of Bo Gelian’s people. A few days ago, I had a call with Fengchen. He informed me that Bo Gelian’s people already successfully developed a new medicine. They only needed to verify the effectiveness of the medicine now.”

When Jin Fengyao heard Fang Yuchen’s upda
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