Chapter 1089 This Man Belongs To Her

Bo Gelian locked Jin Fengchen up and imprisoned him. However, Bo Gelian did not make his life hard.

Jin Fengchen was not worried about his situation. However, he was concerned about Jiang Sese. He was worried Bo Gelian caught her already.

Bo Gelian pushed the door open. When he saw the tall figure that stood beside the window, a prideful smile appeared on his face.

Bo Gelian thought Jin Fengchen was a prominent rival, but he still became his prisoner in the end.

“Come in.” Bo Gelian turned aside slightly, and his gaze swept across the woman who stood behind him.

It was not anyone else. It was Shangguan Yuan who came.

She quickly followed behind Bo Gelian and went into the room. When she walked in, her obsessive gaze focused on the figure in front of the window intensely.

“Mister Jin, someone’s here to visit you.”

Hearing that, Jin Fengchen turned around slowly. When he saw Shangguan Yuan, his stoic expression remained unmoved.

“Fengchen,” Shangguan Yuan called his name careful
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
not interested anymore in this kind of unending kidnapping and jealousy...
goodnovel comment avatar
Lois Agyei-Mensah
can you update with more chapters?
goodnovel comment avatar
Tammy Evans Moore
I am SO done with this story!!! I am SO done with everyone trying to destroy Fengchen and Sese’s love and marriage!!! PLEASE do something SOON!!! Shangguan Yuan needs to go away FOREVER!!!!

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